Plan for the prevention and control of contagious diseases”


1. Disclosure of the measures that must be observed by employees, service providers and customers to minimize the risk of contagion from COVID-19;

2. Availability of 70% (seventy percent) alcohol gel for use by employees, service providers and customers at strategic and easily accessible points for hand hygiene, especially when entering and leaving busy places.

3. Requirement to wear a mask by all employees, service providers and customers.

4. In social areas, such as lobby and elevator, measures to guarantee a social distance of 2 (two) meters.

5. Take care of good ventilation in open rooms, doors and windows, and in the case of an air-conditioned room, with maintenance of air conditioning units.

6. Touch sensitive surfaces will be cleaned during the operation period.

7. Constant cleaning of equipment and use of service or provision of customers, such as receipt of machines, keys, among others, preferably with 70% alcohol (seventy percent).

8. For breakfast, individual kits were prepared.

9. Employees who use PPE dedicated to carrying out activities.


1. Temperature measurement service;

2. Priority care for groups at risk: people over 60, pregnant, hypertensive, diabetics and other conditions (the client will say if it is a priority care).

3. Reception organization with a distance line for assistance at the counter of at least 1 (one) meter.


1. The apartments will be cleaned and disinfected, after this procedure they will be SEALED and only the guest himself will break this seal at the time of Check in.

2. The customer may choose not to have housekeeping during his stay. Limit of 72 hours without housekeeping, after this period housekeeping is mandatory. In this option, the minibar * will also not be refilled.

3. The cleaning of the apartments will only be done without the presence of the guest (occupied apartments, maid will offer another time for cleaning);

4. The cleaning of the apartment will be done with the windows open and the air conditioning off;

5. Disinfection of all contact surfaces of the apartments will be carried out, such as countertops, telephone sets, remote controls, switches, door handles, refrigerator and others.

6. Work equipment (trolleys, brooms, vacuum cleaners, etc.) must also be disinfected;

All care for your safety has been taken.

Your next stay will be essential to keep our employees and economy running!

We are waiting for you !!